Health and Safety at Work Courses

We want to present to you our new Health and Safety at Work Courses suite made by health, environmental and safety programs.


LisaServizi is an Italian training istitution that is operating by more than 20 years in the safety training courses sector, providing the mandatory safety training courses required by Italian law and consultancy services for companies working on our national territory.


Italian law requires that all workers must be trained in safety and health at workplace, Safety practices and procedures to avoid all risks.

On our "English Safety Training Courses" e-learning page, you can find our Safety General Training for workers and our Safety Specific training for workers in e-learning mode, both offered in English (further information by clicking the link).


We are going to enrich our offer in order to help international companies that are working in Italy and, to do this, we have decided to extend our courses catalogue by inserting some new training courses in English.

Are you starting working in Italy? One of yours company partners needs training to work with you in Italy? We could help you!

Health and Safety at Work Courses

Here there are some Health and Safety at Work Courses in English we could offer

  • General workers Training;

  • Specific workers Training (low, medium and high risk);

  • First Aid courses (module A, B and C);

Safety Training Courses - First Aid courses (module A, B and C)

  • Fire Prevention courses (low, medium and high risk);

Safety Training Courses - Fire Prevention courses (low, medium and high risk)

  • Confined spaces courses;

Safety Training Courses - Confined spaces courses

  • Work at height courses and PPE (both theoretical and practical);

Safety Training Courses - Work at height courses and PPE

  • Cranes courses;

Safety Training Courses - Cranes courses

  • .etc;

All theoretical courses can be attended by video-conference.

How could you contact us to buy our Health and Safety at Work Courses?

If you would like to organize one of these courses you could simply contact us by sending an e-mail to or phoning us at 0415384087, you could find us from 9 AM to 4 PM UTC+1 from Monday to Friday.


Final assessment, certificates and teaching materials 

Following the positive outcome of the final assessment and attendance of at least 90% of the total number of hours, an individual certificate will be awarded to each participant, issued by the Lisa Servizi srl training organisation accredited by Italian Veneto Region.

Each participant will receive a copy of the didactical material, containing documents and useful reading to complete the training achieved.

With the aim of pursuing greater eco-sustainability, reducing waste of paper and electricity, the individual certificate and teaching materials will be provided in electronic format (PDF format).

Hai dubbi o vuoi chiederci un preventivo?

Chiama ora allo 041 5384087 oppure invia una mail:

Formazione professionale per la tua crescita.

Lisa Servizi è un Organismo di Formazione accreditato dalla Regione Veneto in ambito di Formazione Continua, e offre formazione di alto livello attraverso la business unit dedicata, che propone corsi interaziendali a catalogo, corsi aziendali personalizzati, e-learning e training su campi prove.

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