BBS Safety: Behavior Based Safety & Performance Management

What is BBS Safety - Behavior Based Safety

Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is a Safety Protocol to improve safety in the workplace based on the management of human behavior: by observing the behavior of workers and trying to reduce those at risk and increase the correct behavior, you can significantly reduce accidents and occupational diseases.


Born in 1978, first on large organizations in the Anglo-Saxon context, today is applied in all industrial sectors and around the world, constituting a de facto "standard" for the excellent management of safety.


BBS works because it is evidence-based, i.e., based on the collection and analysis of data, i.e., the almost daily measurement of worker safety behavior. It allows you to document an organization's safety performance like no other system.


It is also a way to achieve great sharing and a safety that comes mainly "from below", a safety based on values, and on the appreciation of people, rather than on punishment.


BBS Safety Consulting and Training by Lisa Servizi

Lisa Servizi has been operating in the sector for more than 10 years, offering its services in the field of BBS, especially to large multinational companies in various sectors (aluminium casting, food, electronic, plastic ecc.).

Lisa Servizi's Behavioral Division has the technical resources (certified technical experts and qualified experts with specific experience in the field) and capabilities to implement BBS protocol and PM in organizations.


BBS Training

Lisa Servizi provide Some BBS training courses for Safety directors, HSE Manager, in presence and by video conference interested in understanding B-BS principles.


Behavior Based Safety Checklist 

Do you want to know if the project you have in your company is really BBS, i.e. complies with international standards? Do you want to check if the consultant you have contacted is proposing a real BBS process?

Use our simple 10-point Behavior Based Safety checklist (the text of the document is in Italian, if you need the English version please contact us).

Although it is not an in-depth checklist, it is still useful.

BBS Safety - Behavior Based Safety & Performance Management

Company Testimonial

"I found out about the existence of BBS over 10 years ago, during a training day held by Engineer Riccardo Borghetto.


Already after about an hour, Mr. Borghetto infected me with his enthusiasm, so much so that I began to have concepts of safety that were completely different from traditional concepts (positive and rewarding approach instead of negative and punitive).


When I returned to the company, I told my Employer about it and in my turn I succeeded in infecting him and making him aware of this new and exceptional opportunity that could have improved our most important KPI, the LTA (Lost Time Accident).


DIAB, one of the first companies in Italy, implemented BBS in 2010; this led, through a cultural improvement, to a strong increase in safe behaviors and a significant lowering of the accident rate.


Some companies in the same area wanted to see, through factory visits, how DIAB had implemented the BBS protocol, and subsequently some of them implemented it as well. I advise all companies to implement BBS because it works well and contributes to combining safety and productivity, as long as they rely on competent, qualified and passionate technicians.

Lisa Servizi, in the person of Riccardo Borghetto, has been part of the technical team that has designed and implemented the BBS protocol with great passion, commitment and professionalism.”


Sebastiano Cannata HSE Manager DIAB SPA


Useful resources on BBS Safety: Behavior Based Safety


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