Enhancing motivation drivers

What motivates people? Why do we do one thing rather than another? Is money really the most appealing driver of motivation? What relationship is there between needs and motivation? What tools should we use to increase motivation? Is it really possible to motivate people? This training course is designed to answer these questions, focusing on the drivers the organization can use to ensure that people act consistently with the aims of the organization.

Anyone with people management responsibilities, you’ll say. Very true.

Nevertheless, we need to remember that activities and processes within the organization makes us strongly dependent on people’s motivation.

Moreover, colleagues who are motivated in their job will surely help you do your job better, too.

From this perspective, we may say that this course is interesting for management positions as well as for anyone in roles requiring interaction with a considerable number of people.

In other words, motivation plays a crucial role in one’s personal and professional quality of life.

Any doubts? They will disappear during the course.


Contenuti del corso:
-11 Numero di learning object presenti nel corso 
-1 Numero di test presenti nel corso

Durata del corso:    4 ore 30 minuti

Validità dell'attestazione:    10 anni

Formazione professionale per la tua crescita.

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